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 Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy

This is a is a deeply nourishing and resourcing hands-on treatment. and is a powerful modality to assist in any self-transformational journey.  Emma offers individual Biodynamic Craniosacral sessions in Santa Fe, NM.  As a somatic practitioner for over 25 years, she seamlessly bridges the worlds of psyche and soma in her work.

  What is Craniosacral Therapy  is Effective For?

  • Pain ( emotional and physical).

  • Depression, anxiety, grief, panic attacks.

  • Insomnia, digestive problems, nervous system disorders.

  • Head or tailbone injury, accidents, minor or major surgeries, and dental work.

  • Very early traumas such as prenatal and birth trauma, early childhood abuse.

  • Chronic health problems such as adrenal fatigue.

  • Dissociation as a result of trauma.

  • Dental trauma


 Changes You May Experience

  • Feel safer and more embodied.

  • Calmer, more grounded and relaxed.

  • In less pain. 

  • Greater capacity to deal with life’s challenges with more presence, energy and confidence. 

  • Feeling more at home in yourself, more able to be your authentic self.

  • Fuller, deeper breathing which increases health outcomes.

  • More physical alignment. 

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