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What we know from both folklore and scientific evidence (neuroscience, attachment research and biology) is that  our experiences in the womb and of our birth profoundly imprint our psyche, body and soul. Birth itself is not necessarily traumatic. It is a profound journey from energy into embodied form.  At these early times of development, we are developing at an incredible rate, and the foundations for our relationship to self, other and internal experience are being laid down on a cellular, energetic, physical and emotional level.


It is also true that when we are growing our body and making the journey out into the world that we are most vulnerable to situations that can overwhelm us and leave a significant imprint on our life's trajectory.

We now know, for sure, that babies DO remember their womb life and experiences of birth. Babies are incredibly open and sensitive to their environment. It is also important to remember that if we are here today, we survived birth, due to our resilience. 


and pick up the emotions, stressors and even physical patterns of their parents.  

This work supports  well-being, trauma resolution, and facilitate healing of early developmental trauma.

role the principles of yield, push, reach, grasp, and pull and the vertebral movement patterns play in bonding and connecting.

It is possible to resolve birth traumas even many years after it occurred.

What kinds of experiences shape us?

Prenatally, whatever Mom experiences, babies experience too. This includes the physical and health environment (health complications, poor nourishment, environmental toxicity or drugs and alcohol), stressors (lack of support from family or spouse, traumatic events, war, poverty) and how Mom feels about being pregnant (fear, excitement, grief, depression). 

Who Might benefit from this work?

What kinds of issues will it address?

What are the benefits from doing pre and perinatal therapy?

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